Best Slim/Skin Case


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Sep 3, 2007
Currently I have the incase rubber skin case! I love it on my phone with it being lightweight and keeping the phone slim, but yesterday I noticed a couple of scratches in the chrome when I was cleaning it. I am probably going to send it back to incase...

Has anyone used a similar case which is very slim and protects it? Also, if you have returned your incase and got a new one, have they fixed the problem?

Thanks for any thoughts!


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Sep 13, 2007
best iPhone case

i'm kind of picky w/ cases. so i picked up one from the Apple store. sometimes i rather get one made just for this phone rather than a generic case from those kiosks in the mall. it says "showcase" on the orange and black box. it's clear hard plastic with black rubber around the edges. also one of the Apple workers there told me he had like every case and this one is the best for protection. comes /w a holster too for $34.95.