Sep 23, 2008
Just so you all know - these guys at iPhoneunlockuk are charging for software which is FREE AND READILY AVAILABLE within 5 clicks on the internet.
iPhone enthusiasts and developers spend hours and hours developing unlocking/jailbreaking software, before kindly releasing it to the public for free!
These cowboys change the logo and pass it off as their own. Their entire website is a bluff - they also charge a fortune for a turbosim, which is readily available on ebay for £5.

Don't trust them! From personal experience, they lie and frequently change their location in London to avoid customer care issues when they screw you over!

Why should they be allowed to charge money for admirable work that others have done for free! Completely unethical if you ask me

See for the free software
Jul 16, 2008
A simple google search would alert an interested party that the software is available out there for free.