Beyza slimline case review


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Sep 8, 2007
Sunny Florida
I have been looking for a case. I needed something nice to slip my iPhone (I mean ifone so I do not get sued) into when it is in my purse or pocket. I decided to try this case by Beyza.

It comes in a nice black box and inside the box is paper that says beyza cases and a cloth pouch for the case. I did not take pics of this, but I can.

I got the purple leather, because I wanted something cute, but they have many colors availble. I almost got the Vintage brown, which is already worn-in looking. The leather feels and smells really nice-it is really high quality. It is just what I was looking for that I could not find in a store.

The case is firm but not too firm and is lightly padded and has velvet on the inside. The velvet is soft, but does not clean the glass. The phone goes in fairly tight, and does not cover the vibrate switch. You can hear it ring out of the bottom, and you can feel the vibrate. There is no way the phone will slide out of the case.

I got my photos up to photobucket, but I have only posted photos once, so someone here please need remind me how to get the photobucket pics here. I am also not the best photo taker.


Jul 29, 2007
Sorry that pic is too big and it is really bad!
aww, not that bad looks purple and leathery, nice. Even though I don't like leather cases, hope your happy with it!;)