Big with verbal navigation

Sep 22, 2014
Hello all. So I was playing around with the Siri navigation. And while it told me when and which way to turn, the street names were totally screwed up. Like for instance instead of Bluff Road, it would say "B Loof $ Park", I think. I mean I had to do it a couple times and it was clearly a $ and spelling words and not understandable. iPhone 6 with iOS 8.0.2. Is there a commonplace to report these bugs to Apple?
Dec 10, 2009
Clarksburg, WV
Had it happen to me the other day, where nav was saying "dollar sign" $, as part of a street name. I use it a lot, so just chalked it up to connection glitch, as I was in a neighborhood w/janky signal.
It was funny tho....:D