Bill Maher iPhone joke on HBO "Real Time With Bill ..."

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New Member
Jun 26, 2007
I think it was hillarious..
For those, who did not see, there is a copy on Youtube, the joke starts about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into this video.



New Member
Jul 9, 2007
sucks to be one of the fools who waited in line but you guys call this guy funny? how old is everyone here? 35+? lol
I'm not a fan of Bill Maher at all. He's rarely funny. He's been insignificant since they 80's and the only reason he stays on the fringe of the spotlight is because of his controversy-baiting liberal comments. Saying that, he's a hell of lot funnier than someone like Dane Cook or material stealing low-lifes like Carlos Mencia. But of course, comedy is all subjective.

And Maher's iPhone bit is very funny though, especially considering I walked into an Apple Store two days after the iPhone launched and bought one--no someone-needs-to-get-a-life line waiting necessary.