Block numbers??

Discussion in 'Cydia Apps' started by OKSTATE#1, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. OKSTATE#1

    OKSTATE#1 New Member

    Can you somehow block numbers from calling your iPhone, from your iPhone?
  2. Irish Rose

    Irish Rose Zealot

    Are you referring to accidental dialing here? If so, lock your iPhone....

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  4. offroadhunter

    offroadhunter Member

    If you are j/b you can use iblacklist... not sure if there is anything else for non j/b phones
  5. iBanana

    iBanana Member

    i second iblacklist. there is no option for a non jailbroken phone
  6. Kadelic

    Kadelic Genius

    AT&T can block numbers for you but they charge a fee.

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  7. Tra123

    Tra123 New Member

    I cannot find iblacklist when I search apps? Is it no longer available? :(
  8. offroadhunter

    offroadhunter Member

    Are you jailbroken?
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  10. Jon_Doh

    Jon_Doh New Member

  11. redhotline

    redhotline Member

    ho, ho it's looks like iblacklist is app number one.
  12. catt09

    catt09 New Member

    Although it's not technically "blocking" #'s, the free and easy way to do it is just give the unwanted # a ringtone on which you set the volume to zero. At least you won't be interrupted, and maybe they will give up.

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