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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by COZYCASPER, Aug 25, 2007.


    COZYCASPER New Member

    I was wondering if I can block a certain phone number from texting that possible? Also, all text messages just automatically show up on the screen, is there a way to not have that happen? Thanks
  2. eufo

    eufo New Member

    If you turn on the "Passcode Lock" you can turn off the "Show SMS Preview". It will still pop up when the phone is locked, but it won't show the actual message, if that's what you're trying to avoid.

    I don't think you can block them altogether.
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  4. domi

    domi New Member

    about blocking certain text, unfortunetly there's no way to block certain text with at&t, or any other carrier for that matter...we have to choose whether we have the capablity to text or we dont:( in any event, if you dont want contact from that certain number an option would be to change your number, but many of us wouldnt like to do that since we may have had our numbers for quite some time now.
  5. bencharity

    bencharity New Member

    I realize this is an old post...but I thought ya'll might like to know. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can download a program called iBlacklist via Installer. This is an amazing program where you can blacklist certain #'s and define if it sends the call to voicemail, or blocks it completely. Even assign certain times where the list is activated. Works with texts too.

    For more than three numbers it'll cost $8, well worth the money several times over.

    The official site:
  6. SmartAlx

    SmartAlx Zealot

    There was/is a free version of a jailbreak app called PMSL. Stands for "Protect My Secret Life" I think. That's the one I used in my 1.1.4 days. It does a lot of what iBlacklist did, but for free. I think it could even store videos and images or something like that. Or am I thinking of hidepod?

    Nothing for 2.0 phones yet though. I'm waiting for PMSL to come to cydia or installer.
  7. bencharity

    bencharity New Member

    I think it might be called PYSL. That is one that I saw also for 1.1.4 It felt much buggier and slower to me but I didn't know it would do video and images. That would be awesome!
  8. SmartAlx

    SmartAlx Zealot

    My bad. You're right. Since I have a 2.0 iPhone, I lost my PYSL app and I forgot I guess.
  9. Jissy07

    Jissy07 New Member

    Block text and phone number

    I searched under the app store for the PYSL application and did not find anything. I have the 3G phone and need desperately to block a pranker that keeps sending explicit textes and leaving nasty messages. I do not have the option of changing my number. We all know how cumbersome that can be. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  10. ihack

    ihack Member

    jailbreak and get iblacklist. It so awsome. There is also mcleaner. But don't work well if your on 2.2
  11. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    While we are on the subject of SMS previews and stuff...
    -On my first iPhone when I received a text my lockscreen would come up showing the the "texters" name...but I dont remember the setting I had then because now whenever I recieve a text my lockscreen just simply says "Text message" :p

    How do I enable it to where it shows the person sending me the text's name?
  12. ihack

    ihack Member

    turn off your passcode lock
  13. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    -but I need my passcode lock... I guess that's part of the security :)
  14. SmartAlx

    SmartAlx Zealot

    All apps like this will necessarily have to be jailbroken because Apple doesn't give enough control to appstore apps.

    Really. Try PYSL. iBlacklist cost's money. PYSL is free. It's very intuitive. People say they are having problems with it, but I've not had any at all. I think the people who are having problems are also using Kate.
  15. ihack

    ihack Member

    I love I blacklist!!! I have tried all others and just had problems. The free version of iblacklist gave some issues but when I bought it. It has been perfect! I swear by it. It's the only reason I'm j/b. LOL
  16. shopisus

    shopisus New Member

    Sprint does allow blocking of individual numbers from texting you. But strangely, Sprint does not show a text log online or in your bill claiming privacy issues - if I'm the owner of the account and Sprint is charging me per text, they should supply me a log of number and time of texts (not actual message ) but they won't. They do display a call log - shouldn't their same "privacy issues" apply to calls ? Anyway, I guess can't have everything.
  17. Mo Green

    Mo Green New Member

    Unless things have changed since I worked for Sprint, not very long ago, you can get that info by calling if you really need it. Corp. Security will supply you with the log, times and #'s last I heard and you are correct, not the message content without subpoena as breaks privacy laws. Try calling again and ask for that department. There is a specific # just for that.
  18. Jacob barrie

    Jacob barrie New Member

    If i may offer an alternative, i dont have an iphone but i have an ipad 2 but you can change your nu ber easily, and the texting isfree, you could choose no texting in your plan and save money by downloading the app called textplus! In that app you can block numbers or users from texting you, while at the same time conveniently changing your number
  19. If you ring the police i think they can block numbers but that would be going to some extent
  20. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    A guy @ work actually blocked a texter today. I watched him. He send a text to 8888 as number and b then space and # with area code. A few minutes later, he received a text saying the # was blocked and he stopped receiving the texts from his wife of all people. Lol
  21. Vineeta

    Vineeta New Member

    Blocking feature is thr on bite sms

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