"Blocked" call?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by acosmichippo, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    when receiving a call, if in the name/number field it says "Blocked", is that someone that dialed *67 or something?
  2. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    Personally, I don't answer those, and I even have a block on my phone so that I don't even get those calls anymore.
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  4. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Usually those are my friends trying to be cute, but sometimes they can be the shady crack dealers, so yeah, I don't answer them.

    - John
  5. psylichon

    psylichon Moderator

    I know a couple people who are "blocked". I think it's an option you can enable with your service provider.
  6. gotzaiPhone

    gotzaiPhone Zealot

    I have one friend that does that and he is the only one that comes up blocked, so I always know its him. Solicitors and what not always come up 999-999-9999 on my phone.
  7. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    blocked can be from an unlisted number as well.
  8. I know u can do that with only land lines..request that no blocked numbers come through.
    Cell phones dont have that feature unlist you're using a third party app....
  9. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot

    I really dont like Blocked calls. Sometimes they come up as Unknown but when I answer it changes to Blocked. I have only one friend whose number is that, so 98% of the time its him, but the other 2% is either wrong numbers, or my friends playing jokes.
  10. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    At&t did it for my cell at my request. there is no software on my end. its something that they control.
  11. Marianne

    Marianne Moderator

    really? that's excellent! i will have to call them to ask for that for my cell line. my mom has her caller ID automatically blocked, so when i get a blocked call, i know it's most likely her, but i hate taking the chance and would rather see the caller ID for every call i get...
  12. Buffy

    Buffy Zealot

    Yes, I think you can even log onto your account online and add the feature. I have an unlisted number on my land line, but the number will still show up when calling a cell phone, so I think a call that says "blocked" will usually come from a cell phone which has intentionally been blocked.
  13. frizz

    frizz New Member

    I'm sure everybody has heard of MCleaner in apps, great little pgm that sends all blocked and unlisted numbers to v/m. You can even set up a blacklist where they also go directly to v/m. Hope this helps all.
  14. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    so after about one call a day for the past few weeks, from this "blocked" number, two days ago i decided to answer it, and it was some confused lady i could hardly understand... i tried telling her that she has the wrong number.

    Last night around midnight she called again... i guess i'll have to install a filter...
  15. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    you can do it on your phone, yourself. Ready?

    show my caller id

    done. you may now call as "blocked".

    you're welcome. :)
  16. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    I believe this thread was more about receiving them than how to make them.
  17. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    yes, this will prevent your # from showing up on the persons phone you are calling.;)
  18. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    True. I'm stupid. Sorry!!
  19. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    No, just a momentary lapse of reason.:)
  20. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius


    Ramesh, you are henceforth blocked.
  21. rblauson

    rblauson New Member

    does anyone know of any software or any fix to stop blocked calls from coming into a 3G iphone?
    much appreciated. i can always choose not to answer them but id rather have a caller reveal their number or have my phone not even ring if its blocked.

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