Blue screen error when I plug the phone into my XP laptop

Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by tasslehawf, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. tasslehawf

    tasslehawf New Member

    Setup went fine, but when I went to plug my phone in the second time, plug and play recognizes it as a camera and then I get a bluescreen error. Every time.

    EDIT: Apple support had me do a hard resest and everything is peachy now.
    EDIT2: I see now that it's the pictures from the camera. Good thing I carry a Canon Elph around with me all the time. I'm sure Apple will fix this very soon.
  2. eagletangoggreen

    eagletangoggreen New Member

    Same here!
    Exactly the same thing happen to me. Anyone Help!
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  4. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    It recognizesthe iPhone as a camera because it is USB and has memory storage as for the bluescreen I have one question. Is the cable connected before you plug in the iPhone ? I suggest removing the cord completely then re attaching it then plug in the iPhone I hope this works for you .
  5. eagletangoggreen

    eagletangoggreen New Member

    I will give it a try in a sec..
  6. eagletangoggreen

    eagletangoggreen New Member

    Well I unplugged everything and plugged the USB in first and then the phone, as soon as I do this it recognizes the phone as a camera and then crashes my computer to the blue screen and a reboot is required to get my computer working again. This really sucks.
  7. eagletangoggreen

    eagletangoggreen New Member

    Well I deleted all my pics from the phone, and it work with itune without crashing my computer? So I guess no pics on this phone? Now if I can get this thing to pick up my home network
  8. Rubx

    Rubx New Member

    I have had this same problem with the blue screen of death. Really frustrating! Deleting the photos fixed it, but it would be nice to be able to take photos and still sync. Let me know if you figure this out. Thanks!
  9. gregpoulos

    gregpoulos New Member

    Same problem with iPhone camera & BSOD

    I, too, am having the same problem - when I plug my iPhone WITH photos into my windows xp laptop, I got the BSOD.

    I tested my brothers phone on my laptop - same exact problem. So it's not the phone, but something with the laptop.

    The phones with photos work fine on his Vista laptop.
  10. benioff

    benioff New Member

    thank you.......this fixes the problem! amazing.

    i want to thank you. i was having the same problem. crashing. i found a photo i took today by accident. i deleted it. now it works fine! thank you!:laugh2:
  11. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    That is VERY strange. Contact apple.
  12. zgrasshopper

    zgrasshopper New Member

    apple is pointing to Windows

    I went to first level and then to 2nd level.
    They say it is not their problem. The only thing they said you might try is to add a 2nd person on your XP machine and only load I tunes under that name. He think it may be some other program that is causing the conflict. Like I have Skype and a CT200 vireless phone that may be causing the problem. So it looks like someone needs to talk with microsoft on this issue. I have no time for this kind of problem. AT & T will get my phone back and I will pay the 10% restocking fee, or live without the camera:(
  13. britt72

    britt72 New Member

    Chalk up another user to the BSoD when photos exist on the iPhone on my Windows XP machine. I called Apple yesterday to see if maybe they had a driver to accommodate the problem, and the girl said their help with PC's are a bit limited, but that I might try setting it up to not auto-detect cameras and give me the option of a player, but she wasn't certain. I'm not even sure how I would do this. She said it might be trying to load another program to view photos, and iTunes doesn't like it.

    Regardless, you just mentioned you have Skype. I also have Skype, so maybe when I get home I'll try disabling that, and see if that makes a difference. Hope somebody finds a proper workaround/solution soon.
  14. tasslehawf

    tasslehawf New Member

    I did this. They had me do a hard reset on the phone and everything has been peachy since.
  15. britt72

    britt72 New Member

    Sorry, is a hard reset the "hold the wake button and the Home button for 10 seconds" reset? If so, is it the sort of reset that wipes all your contacts, music, etc? Just making sure. Thanks.

    Edit: it turns out the hard reset didn't help me. I reset mine and reconnected but still got the bsod after plugging it in. Is there another way to fix this?
  16. prwhite

    prwhite New Member

    Another data point... I had the same problem. Clearing photos from the phone fixed the BSODs.
  17. ccr78

    ccr78 New Member

    To anyone having the BSOD issue:

    Go to Start ->

    Click Run ->

    Type winver.exe and then hit enter.

    What does it say in the window that pops up?
  18. jgingras

    jgingras New Member

    Camera Detection

    Any updates on finding a solution on not detecting the iPhone with pictures as a camera? Apple has me uninstall everything and reinstall it and it didn't help.. i also dont want to uninstall all other camera/image software.. let me know if anyone has found anything that has worked, other than not taking any pictures.

  19. britt72

    britt72 New Member

    When I do winver, I get this, which looks like XP SP2, just as the manual recommends:

    Microsoft Windows
    Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254: Service Pack 2)

    Also, I called Apple again. This time they appear to have heard more and more of this problem. It seems they believe it has something to do with other camera software being installed. Unfortunately, I don't think I've specifically installed any camera software aside from the drivers needed to just view the pictures from a Windows folder. They said currently they're working on a proper solution, but in the meantime they have a workaround, albeit tedious, which you may have already figured out; email your photos to your home email (yes, one by one), and then delete the photos off your camera, if you hope to sync up your music again until the real fix comes out. Hopefully, Apple finds the problem quickly and gives us a patch, or someone comes up with a better workaround. Other than this one problem, I'm still loving my new iPhone.
  20. Heffneil

    Heffneil New Member

    Not Skype

    I don't have skype on my laptop but I suffer the same problem. I did reset the phone and cleared all data and it worked and then later BSOD'ed on me after I took a picture. The picture theory is spot on. This is a driver issue that Apple is going to have to address.
  21. Zhenya

    Zhenya New Member

    It didnt help me either. Once I removed all my pics, then it worked fine.

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