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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Shirazik, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Shirazik

    Shirazik New Member

    I just got my iPhone yesterday and i couldn't be a happier person, but when I turn bluetooth on it tires to search for devices but it takes so long and nothing ever shows up even though my headset and laptop are on. Does anyone else have this problem or does it usually take long to find devices?
  2. lucky8926

    lucky8926 New Member

    Not sure about the headset problem but it won't recognize your laptop. It's bluetooth capabilities are limited to headsets only at this time. Bummer I know........
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  4. Shirazik

    Shirazik New Member

    Wait wait wait, so how are you supposed to transfer pictures from the iPhone to your Laptop? Email?

    Also, could a software upgrade change this limitation?
  5. lucky8926

    lucky8926 New Member

    yep, e-mail or if you have itunes on your laptop.
    Thats one of those things questions that everyone wants to know... It has the bluetooth capabilities, I'm sure there is a way to "unlock" the ability to recognize other bluetooth devices.
  6. Hmind

    Hmind New Member

    Well actually if you have Windows, you should be able to plug it in via USB, itunes or not, and it will recognize it as a scanner/camera and you can download the pictures.

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