Bluetooth Headset amplifies background noise too much

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by timmyinnis, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I am not sure if this is a individual Bluetooth headset (earpiece) problem or iPhone or Bluetooth feature in general.

    I have the 2 new plantronics 975 headsets. They works great but:

    It seems like it amplifies the background noise especially when no one is talking in the phone at the moment.
    Is this a feature of the headset or with the iPhone? It makes it really aggravating when you got their TV in the background (at a lower than average volume) sounding like it is blaring in your ear or if they are making normal noises moving things around sounds like it is amplified 20x.

    Is this standard with most Bluetooth headsets? I know there are noise canceling headsets but then I heard the first couple of words usually get cut off.

    If it is due to specific headsets any recommendations?

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    Yes, it's normal, unfortunately. I hurt my caller's ear when I was pouring Captain Crunch into a cereal bowl.
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    I'm permanently hearing-impaired now. Thanks.
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    I have used my ps3 blutooth for the past few years. My only complaint is that if you are out walking and it's windy it's kinda loud. It doesn't amplify background noise at all. The only blutooth I had problems with cost 15 and it was junk.

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    I use the Kinivo BTH220 and it works pretty good. I can't say the background noise is completely gone but people don't comment on it when I talk to them like they did when I had the Motorola S305 headset.
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