Bodyguardz docking?


New Member
Jul 16, 2007
Has anyone successfuly docked there iPhone after installing one of the full body shields?

I currently have the incase slider and like the case, but several screen protectors I have tried peel up at the edges and leave a bubble when I install the case. Anyone had any success with a screen protector and the slider?


Dec 2, 2007
Long Island, NY
I am not sure if I understand your question or is it maybe two questions?
I have a Contour flick case for the iPhone 3g that allows you to "flick the bottom away to put in the charging cradle.

As far as the incase slider and the screen protector; I also had one on my version 1 phone. The key is to put the screen protector before you put the case on. Also key is to make sure the screen protector is on straight. If you go off to one side the tight fit of the case will pull at the screen protector causing it to bubble or peel in the corner where the screen protector has overlaped.

i have the contour case; minimul protection but great look and feel. I also have a screen protector on it.