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Jun 2, 2008
Hey all!

Been reading these forums for quite a while and totally admire the passion that everyone has for their iPhones.

I just recently sprung for an iPhone myself (16GB), and had to purchase an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone due to my computer UN-savvyness and being in CANADA.

I am scared to death to plug into iTunes and end up relocking it.

Is there a specific version of iTunes that I should have on my computer?
I have the latest version 1.1.4

I have yet to get a sim card for the phone, but once I do, is there a way to ensure that I do not do any data downloading unless im in a wifi zone?
(Data plans up here are ridiculously expensive!)

Is there any way to make a customized theme - using our own pictures as icons?

There are plenty of posts regarding ringtones, etc. so i'll check those out in the meantime.

I got a tonne of other questions but I can save those for another time.

Thanks for everybody's help.


Apr 27, 2008
dude, don`t worry about locking your phone, restoring/ unlocking/ activating/ jailbraicking is a really simple process, just ask for help here if you end up there, meanwhile you can plug it into iTunes with no problems, you will lock your phone only if you press restore, and yes you can make custom themes, but you will have to install 2 app`s so you can use them, there are also a lot of pre-made cool themes, install summerboard and customize 2.0, but be careful and don`t apply any wallpapers in customize, read more about them ;) Enjoy your new iPhone and welcome to our comunity and don`t hezitate to ask any questions