BREAKING NEWS: absolute poker on the iPhone

Nov 24, 2007
so i was just screwing around installing stuff last nite at work.. & i installed.. history downloader & went to DL something but all could think of was absolute poker as thats what i download last time to see if everything was working right .. so i head on over to absolute poker on my iPhone and i came across this: i,ve tryed to log in, but all i get is that little blue box u get on when your missing graphics for a website. i think i need something java installed... but i have no idea what java is or what it does, but anyways which java app do i have to install to get this to work ?

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Nov 10, 2007
New Jersey
oj don't think it was intended as spam he would of added a referral code. I signed up I love poker only thing is once flash comes to iPhone then this will work, so much for breaking news


why are ppl such f**king idiots ? wtf i'm i trying to sell ? did u even read it? .. why are u posting in here.. your no help, beat it . go find a friend

He did find a friend.. ME... any other requests...? I went there and I read it.. and it sounds like spam to me too... sorry.. :) OR you were just posting something off their website cause you kept referring to OUR stuff... that's why it looks like spam :)

But do have a great day!


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Aug 11, 2007
Okay people, calm down. It appears to me that the stuff Franky linked to is spam, and I am going to ask him to remove it, however I don't think he knew exactly what he was posting, so stop ragging on him.

- John


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Jul 15, 2007
Jupiter's sulphur mines
oj don't think it was intended as spam he would of added a referral code. I signed up I love poker only thing is once flash comes to iPhone then this will work, so much for breaking news
exactly. Nothing "breaking" about it. His retarded way of posting a question about java and flash led me to believe it was spam. I shouldn't be picking on RETARDS. sorry.
Nov 24, 2007
oj I say you get the knife and gloves and go after franky. Even though I don't think its spam he is just a whinner
no i really thought we had real poker for real money. it just pisses me off when ppl make stuped replys that are no help to the topic.. i have no patiece for thoses ppl ... come for me with your knife & gloves :p


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Oct 9, 2008
Sort of digging this post up its old and outdated but couldnt help to ask?

Absolute poker is a no download running off java.

I downloaded java from cydia and followed the instructions off another site but still can't get absolute to load. Anyone think this is actually possible.

Ive played before for real money online but i use VNC which i don't like doing an actual browser online game would be soo much better.

thanks for the help