bricked my iPhone, used ibrickr... problems ensue


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Dec 20, 2007

Im an ATT customer, but wanted to unlock the phone so I could bring it back to Hong Kong for use

I believe my phone was originally 1.0.2, upgraded to 1.1.1, but i tried using that jailbreakme method, which didn't work.

Then I tried to virginize it, but i chose 1.1.1 instead of 1.0.2 I guess, and it bricked my phone.

I used ibrickr to restore the phone, so now im at 1.0.2 with 04.01.13_G.

I want to make it completely factory fresh, but the method to revirginize says I need baseband 03.14.08_G.

So the question is, I thought virginizing was synonymous with downgrading the baseband.... how the heck do I get back to 03.14.08_G?


Nov 28, 2007

Use this ^ ^ to get your phone back up and running but chose the correct baseband downgrader this time when the options come up via installer at that point.... when you reactivate the phone you should go to 1.1.1 and skip 1.0.2 altogether. That way you'll be perfectly positioned to upgrade to 1.1.2 which in all is the best firmware for the iPhone thus least improvement wise

follow this guide here when you're ready to step it up to 1.1.2 the correct way without bricking the iPhone this time

keep us posted and Godspeed!
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