Bringing "Save As..." back to Mavericks?


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Trying to get "Save As..." back in the File menu on Mavericks.

Here's an excerpt from a support document I found:

Save a copy of a document
In most apps, the File menu has either a Duplicate or Save As command. Do one of the following:
  • Choose File > Duplicate to copy the document, then choose File > Save to name the copy.
  • Choose File > Save As, then name the new document.
However, the app I'm using is Pages (version 5.0.1), which doesn't have "Save As," and for extremely important documents, I make three copies: one on My Documents Folder, one in Google Drive, and one in SkyDrive. This process is a piece of cake when using Microsoft Word for Mac.

The whole "duplicate to copy the document" then choose "File > Save" to save the copy becomes clumsy because when you duplicate it and then hit Save, because you have to settle for the word "copy" being appended to the end of your filename. You can then go back and rename it to get rid of the word "copy," but that is just extra work.

I know you can get "Save As" back rather easily on Mountain Lion. Is there no way to get "Save As" back on Mavericks on ALL of one's applications?

Here's another document I found through more research that suggests that this isn't possible in Mavericks.

Additionally, there's a "Move To" command in the File menu, but why isn't there a "Copy To" command?

Maybe I should just open Finder windows on the SkyDrive and Google Drive folders, and right after saving one copy to SkyDrive, copy and paste it to the Google Drive folder, then do the same to my "My Documents" folder...

Any and all help would be appreciated.[/quote][/quote]