Broke my iPhone

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Sep 18, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
I'm devastated. :( I never thought this could happen to me as I'm always so cautious with my possessions. Last night as I was leaving and outside I dropped my iPhone 4S as I was taking it out of my holster. It just slipped out of my hand as I gripped it the wrong way and it hit the side of the curb cracking the front screen. I always keep it in my Mophie battery case but this time I had my case charging and took my New Trent external battery with me instead.

I'm looking online this morning for options as I don't have any Apple protection plan. I guess I will either send it in to Apple for repairs or try to fix it myself. Sorry, I just had to vent. As you can see it is really damaged on the top corner.


Apple iAddicted

Feb 20, 2012
If your handy with disassembly, reassembly then a screen repair is fairly easy. Most screen/digitizers, yes I'd go ahead and get the digitizer even if yours is working, never know when a screwdriver or something might slip...... But most come woth a cheap tool kit, if not it just consists of a very small torqux screwdriver(the star head ones) a tiny phillips(the + head one) and a little flat head along with a couple guitar picks.
Or try an Apple store think it's been said like 150 to 250 for them to fix a iPhone.

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Only thing iPhone is missing is an expandable memory port! Come on Apple give us a microSD port already!


Aug 5, 2010
Go into an Apple store wearing a T-Shirt that says Apple rocks and I love iPhones. Tell the genius your phone broke and start crying.


But sorry to hear about your device!

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