Broken Charger


New Member
Jul 4, 2007
In my room, I have one of those motion sensor light switches, which can be set to on, off, and auto (the setting that turns the power on when it senses motion). Well today I woke up, plugged my iPhone into the wall charger and everything worked fine. Went downstairs and for whatever reason my roommate had been walking around on his cell phone and switched my light switch to off. So I get upstairs and notice its not charging cause the switch was set to off and now it refuses to charge using the wall charger. I've tried it on different outlets throughout my house and nothing. It does still charge using my computer, so I guess the cord is not fried. How could the sudden lack of power while the iPhone was charging have broken the wall charger?

DJ Indy

New Member
Jul 27, 2007
My wall charger crapped out on me too for whatever reason. From what I've heard those units failing is not too uncommon. I went to the Apple store and they exchanged the old unit for a new one at no cost.