Bug Alert!

Jun 7, 2007
Queens, NY
well, while using the ipod part of the iPhone this morning on my way to work(first time in the nyc subway with it). I noticed a bug...no not roaches and rats....i mean a bug on the iPhone, the ipod part. it happens when you are playing music with out headphones.....then while playing music you plug in the headphones....the button on the headphones does not work, you have to stop the music, unplug headphones and then reinsert. then it works. i don't know if thats considered a bug or just how it is.

but another problem that I have is with cover flow......it doesn't flow when the music changes , the album art does just sits there when your in cover flow. when you turn the iPhone the normal way ( not landscape ), the art displays but doesn't alway change...weird bug.


New Member
Jul 5, 2007
patient: Hey doc, it really hurts when I do this.

Doctor: don't do that.