Business Applications for iPhone



Aside from Business tools for iPhone, are there other applications which could be used for businesss/corporate tasks? List them here please :)


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Jan 24, 2008
I don't think any of the current solutions are "businesss" grade, more of a "Why? Because I can" phase at the moment. Its not very easy for me to go from Desktop to iPhone with businesss files, especially since the phone doesn't act as a removable drive which would have made things significantly more easy. Furthermore you're stuck with just viewing said files and not actually editing them in most cases.

The only real "easy" method is to pay a 3rd party to act as a web conduit for your files so you can view and edit them using their web tools. There are quite a few companies that do this already, one of them works pretty well on the iPhone although it's name totally slips my mind at the moment (there's a Z in the name somewhere heh). Another option is using Google Docs, I've uploaded some powerpoint files there and just hit them up over edge when I need to review.

The SDK is just around the corner, I think we'll see a lot of truly intuitive businesss tools at that point. For now its severely hit or miss, mostly miss...