Buying Away From Home

Jun 10, 2007
I generally buy my cellphones online. This Sunday I will be in Washington DC. Then I will be leaving and going to Florida for three weeks, so during the June 29th release I will be away from my home in Los Angeles. To be safe I could order the phone online, however, if I wanted instant gratification, could I purchase in a Apple or Att store there in Florida? I am worried about the activation, I do not want to end up with a Florida area code as opposed to the one here in Los Angeles, as it could mean roaming and other complications. Can they set up a Los Angeles area code and account in far away stores in locales like Florida, or would I have to buy an iPhone here in LA? Thanks
Jun 3, 2007
ive called att for that very question, and it makes no difference what store you buy it from, as they always transfer your number to the new phone.

but yah, if your buying a new line, it has be in the state you are buying from