BytaFont 2 - [Guide] Changing Fonts within iOS 7

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Apr 11, 2008
BytaFont 2 for iOS 7 was recently added to Cydia and is currently available for free in the ModMyi repo.

BytaFont 2 Icon.png

If you're keen to customise the look of your iPhone/iPad then BytaFont will definitely help you get one step closer.

To change the fonts on your device you will first need to have a jailbroken device on iOS 7, the evasion7 is available here.

Step 1 - Download BytaFont 2 from Cydia.

BytaFont 2 Cydia Pkg.png

Step 2 - Launch BytaFont 2 - As you can see below the GUI is pretty basic at the moment. Take note of the shortcuts at the bottom of the app screen.

BytaFont 2 App Home Screen.png

Step 3 - Tap on the Browse shortcut at the bottom of the screen. This will open up a new page (the app basically opens up a web browser to allow for easy navigation).

BytaFont 2 App Browse.png

Step 4 - Tap on iOS 7 - This will open a new page to the iOS 7 compatible fonts, please note that there aren't a lot at present.

BytaFont 2 Browse iOS7.png

Step 5 - Select the font you wish to apply to your device. In this instance i've decided to use Ubuntu Light. Upon selecting your desired font this will open a new page again with a font preview.

BytaFont 2 Font Selection.png

Step 6 - After choosing your desired font, check the preview and confirm you're happy to add this to your device and scroll to the bottom to install. Please note that if you're using BytaFont 2 you will need to select 'Install (BytaFont 2.x)' - when you press install the BytaFont app will automatically launch Cydia and navigate directly to your chosen package.

BytaFont 2 Scroll to bottom and install.png

Step 7 - Install font package from Cydia.

BytaFont 2 Font Pkg Launch Cydia.png

Step 8 - You will now need to re-launch BytaFont 2 and tap on the Basic button at the bottom of the screen. Just to elaborate further; there are four areas you can apply custom font to on iOS 7 - Camera, iBooks, Keyboard and System. If you select your chosen font and apply it in Basic it will apply to all four areas. In the Advanced section you can individually apply different fonts (or the same font) to those four areas. Select the font you wish to apply and you will be prompted to re-spring. Tap on re-spring and allow your device to apply the font. Please note that BytaFont Backup is the default font, just incase something goes wrong... :(

BytaFont 2 Relaunch of app and into basic.png

You should now see your new font, enjoy!

Note: Steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be skipped if you launch Cydia and manually search through Cydia to find iOS 7/BytaFont 2 compatible fonts. The reason I've posted the app way is to reduce compatibility issues and potential safe mode crashes due to accidental installation of non-compatible fonts.

Note 2: After installation of BytaFont 2 I've received reports that a reboot may be required in order to launch the app.
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Apr 11, 2008
The Advanced method is similar to the above. Once you've chosen your font(s) and installed the font package(s) through Cydia then carry on from Step 8 and select the Advanced button (instead of basic).

As I've previously noted you can see the four areas available for customisable font via BytaFont 2 - Camera, iBooks, Keyboard and System.

BytaFont Advanced Menu.png

If you decide to change the font for iBooks, simply tap iBooks (see below image). I currently have two custom fonts installed, Ubuntu Light and Baumans. You may find one particular font is easier on the eyes, so select a font from the Available Fonts section and allow your device to re-spring. Launch iBooks and check out your new font.

BytaFont 2 selecting fonts for different parts of OS.png

Any questions or issues please either reply here or PM or get me on twitter :)


Apr 11, 2008
Nice guide mate, good work.

Shame there isn't that many decent fonts yet, only like 2 out of whats available so far.

Thank you :)

There are 6 fonts available to download via the app, I'm unsure how many other un-official working variants there are out there.


Sep 23, 2010
London, UK
I downloaded a few but wasn't massively impressed at the moment with whats available. Gonna stay with the default font until a lot more fonts get updated.