C&P Rant

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New Member
Jul 15, 2007
Cold Spring on Hudson, NY
WHY ? WHY ? WHY? :mad: is there no way to Cut & Paste on the iPhone. It is becoming my #1 critique of this wonderful phone.

Example of my frustration I set up my Photobucket account easy enough to email photos to the website. But then when I go a website where I want to USE the photo like the thread on here with the iPhone photos, I cant C&P the url for the photo so Im out of luck :(

I can think of a million of reason to include C&P and not one reason NOT to have included it. Isn't it one of the main tools to working on a mac ?

Ok rant over I still love my iPhone. ;)


New Member
Jul 2, 2007
At the moment there is no way to copy and paste I wish it was possible it really sucks not being able to go ahead and copy and paste really.. This is something I really really pray is on that update