Caller was unable to hear anything I was saying

Aug 23, 2011
I recently went on vacation and my phone was turned off the whole 2 weeks I was gone. I got home 3 days ago and charged it and it seemed to be working fine. Then I got an incoming call and the caller was unable to hear anything I was saying. I tried rebooting it. I tried resetting my network, settings and the phone and it still didn't work, so I took it to the place where I purchased it and they told me to synch the phone before I send it away as I will loose everything that's on there. So I did this and my phone didn't synch and now when I click on any app that uses the internet my screen goes blank and it goes back to my home page! I have tried synching it several times and it only synchs for 2 seconds and says it's done. All of my app logos are still on my phone but none of them work except for the ones that came with the phone! I am waiting till I can get to an Apple store on the weekend as I'm not paying for a loner phone because it's ridiculous that it is 200 dollars! But in the meantime how do I get my apps back in working order? Help me please!

Alan J

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Aug 14, 2011
Maybe you need to restore your iPhone from iTunes. I had this happen with a Blackberry Curve, I reloaded the operating system and it cured the fault I would certainly try a hard reset first though

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Aug 16, 2011
Well you could use "transfer purchases" on iTunes so all your purchases since you last synced will go onto iTunes. Then all your apps etc will be waiting on the computer for when you get your iPhone back


Aug 30, 2011
Do transfer purchases>backup>then sync. See if that works

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