Calls from new iPhone are very quiet

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Grifftech, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Grifftech

    Grifftech Member

    Got my iPhone 4 today and called my wife from it and she said it sounded like I was whispering, I replaced my 3GS and never had that issue. Anyone experiencing any similar issue with calls from the iPhone 4 being quiet or hard to hear?
  2. dutchtrumpet

    dutchtrumpet New Member

    Any chance your hand was over the mic?

    Maybe her volume was down,reception was bad?
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  4. Mac574

    Mac574 Member

    take off the screen protector front and back
  5. Mac574

    Mac574 Member

    just had the same problem pretty much and got help from a couple eic members
  6. Grifftech

    Grifftech Member

    Protectors were off, but my wife told me she had her headphones on and they are fairly old, and that may be it. Cause I called her back and she didnt have them in and she could hear me just fine
  7. Mac574

    Mac574 Member

    glad your problem was fixed...hit that thanks button for me please haha
  8. michael.kozuma

    michael.kozuma New Member

    i could not hear anything with my iphone 4 but i then figured out the factory film was covering the ear speaker.

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