Can a Mac mini be used like an Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by balisongflipper, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Can a Mac mini be used like an Apple TV?
    I want to be able to put video from my iPad to my TV( my Mac mini is connected to).
    When I use itunes sharing, I can stream content from my iTunes catalog to my iPad, but not the other way around.(maybe I'm wrong?).

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    Apple TV is $99. Way easier to use and do what you want and you will be amazed at the cost vs value.
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  4. acosmichippo

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    Yeah, I don't know of a way to airplay from an iOS device to a computer.

    But what you can do is use the Remote app to play content on your Mac Mini.
  5. BlindSpoTT

    BlindSpoTT Zealot

    no, there is a mac app created by Erika Sadun that allows you to airplay to a mac. and you dont need to jailbreak the phone for it to work. it see your mac as an appletv2. ill find it if i can.
  6. BlindSpoTT

    BlindSpoTT Zealot

  7. I do believe this is what I was looking for. Thanks mate.
    I will try this when I get home and let you know if it works.
  8. BlindSpoTT

    BlindSpoTT Zealot

    yes, i never actually tried it myself, i just know that it was out there. sorry. i believe Europa has used it for her ATV2. maybe ask her if she had any issues with it.
  9. lemoon

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  10. styfle

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    I can't believe Apple hasn't added the ability to stream from an iOS device to a computer. That makes more sense than the other way around. If you have media on an iOS device and you're at a friend's house, you want to play it on a bigger screen. Most people don't have an AppleTV but they do have a computer. I hope they add this functionality but it seems unlikely since they want everyone to buy an AppleTV.
  11. Fineas

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    I have not tried Airplayer personally. My brother did and said it stopped working with the latest update to OSX. its my understanding that Airplayer was a very beta version. It looks like Erika has a more polished product that she is now selling for $7.99 called BananaTV. It looks like it will work with video and pictures, but not for audio streaming. I have not tried this either, as I have little use for it, but the video on the website looks impressive.
  12. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Never even heard of it.
  13. BlindSpoTT

    BlindSpoTT Zealot

    My bad, I thought I saw you post about it once. That's how I thought I had heard of it.

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