can i get WiFi after 1 mo at which time i'll 86 AT&T


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Feb 21, 2009
i'm waiting to get my 8gb 3g from att via mail/web order...

i want to 86 att after 1 mo service. ideally! att too expensive! want to use wifi w/ skype for calls.(unlim to landlines and mobi for $2.5 a mo)(i think national?)

shouldn't i still be able to surf the web via wifi connection? like check email this way? do web searches ect?

I was then going to get tmobil or mycricket for wireless service. the cheapest plan avail. $30 i think, unless they have a special deal soon. or do prepaid w/ tmobil....any considerations? do i need any dif hardware? like a sim for using tmobil/mycricket? or software? i'm new to this. i've just heard a few things.

do i have to unlock or jailbreak for any of this? hope not.
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Jul 16, 2007
First and foremost, you know that AT&T will charge you an early termination fee of $175 if you cancel service for your iPhone after 1 month?

You will still be able to use WiFi on your iPhone after you cancel service. You will need to jailbreak and unlock it in order to use any other non-AT&T SIM card in it.