Can I keep my old voice plan when I get a new 3G?

Jul 14, 2008
Update: 4 hours in line at the Apple Store, 7 minutes to actually purchase and activate new 16gb black 3g and YES I kept my old calling plan.

But it definitely comes down to who is activating your phone, because the Apple Store employees fielding questions from the line and pre-qualifying existing AT&T customer told me I could not keep my existing plan; but the guy who activated my phone told me absolutely, I'll just add the data (and text) plan and you are good to go.

I think this boils down to what the particular rep you are dealing with knows how to do and what they feel like doing. Yesterday I went to an AT&T corporate store (out of stock of course) and the rep there told me 'no problem' you can keep your calling and at the Apple store (where they had already closed the line for the day) but a rep there also said not a problem, we extend your contract but you can keep your existing plan so long as AT&T approves your upgrade eligibility.

So I'm going to try the Apple store when I have a couple of hours to kill and will post my results.