Can I uninstall apps with iBrickr?

Jan 12, 2008
I did not install summerboard and I started installing all kinds of apps and finally both my installer app and my finder app got kicked off the home screen. I now have no access to my other apps. I tried to install summerboard from iBrickr and it did what it did, soft restarted but no change. I was never given the option to uninstall any apps. Any help would be appreciated.


Oct 5, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
Install a program called "Dock". It will put a small sunburst in the lower right of your screen. You can then put your finger on the sunburst and an arc of icons will open allowing you to launch your programs. Use that to launch Installer and then you can get in and uninstall them. Although installing Summerboard should have gave you the ability to scroll your icons. Have you tried to swipe your finger from the bottom of the homepage to the top and see if the icons scroll so you can get to the others?