Can I unlock SoftBank iPhone for use with T-Mobile?


Jan 11, 2008
Okay so, I'm supposed to be buying an iPhone 3G in the morning. 16gb, and I'm excited because I've had a 1st gen 4gb since...forever. This particular iPhone is running 2.2, but that's not even my concern. See it's a japanese iPhone, formatted for SoftBank (Japanese carrier).

So my question is, am I gonna have any problems with unlocking this phone to use with TMobile? My current phone is running 2.0.2, I've not upgraded to 2.2 because I wasn't sure what the jailbreak was like yet, but with the new phone I don't think I'll be able to downgrade the firmware. But...I dunno, I'm not that savvy.

Any ideas?


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Mar 21, 2008
8 mile
as far as i know, unless you use a hardware (turbosim) unlock, 3g's are NOT able to be unlocked via software. probably should have did your research before the night before you got it. plus if you get it from Apple or AT&T they make you sign a 2 year contract. i have heard of some phones overseas that are unlocked already, but those are $$$$ and VERY hard to find.