Can I upgrade to new iPhone at Best Buy if I have a FAN account?


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Dec 12, 2008
Just realized I have one more obstacle to getting the new iPhone on iDay 3.0. I'm not eligible for upgrade until March 2010, so I'll have to pay the full unsubsidized cost, which is fine. However, AT&T stores won't sell iPhones to people that aren't eligible for upgrade on iDay, but they will the following day (when they are sold out). Apple Stores won't either AFAIK. Best Buy told me they would, yay!

But, recently I found out that you can't upgrade at an Apple Store, and possibly Best Buy if you have a FAN account (cell phone discount through your employer).

Has anyone here with an active FAN account upgraded their iPhone at Best Buy?


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Jul 17, 2007
I bought the 3G on 3day, but Apple could not activate on an account with a FAN. What I did was I called AT&T and had them take the FAN off my account. I bought and activated the phone, then called and had them put it back on. Couple of things to watch out for:

1. Write your FAN down. Once they take it off, they don't know what it used to be.
2. You may have to fax them over a signed letter asking for the FAN to be put back on. You may have to show proof of employment.

Be ready for the runaround. Took me several calls to get it squared away. AT&T is not a streamlined organization...


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona
I went to an AT&T store with my FAN account and they just added it. I guess YMMV in some cases. Although, i did go to another store to find out more info about using a FAN. They noted the account and said to have them put it in when the phone was being activated.

I recall last year, if you already had an iPhone. You just had to go online a few days before the release and it should say you were eligible for an upgrade.