Can I use a blackberry sim card in my iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gotendbz1, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. gotendbz1

    gotendbz1 New Member

    This has been answered before probably but i couldn't find anything in the search.

    I have a blackbery curve from work with the bb data plan. I just got my hands on a 3G. If i put the sim card from BB into iphone will it work?

    I read that att/apple lock your number to each iphone and you have to activate it for it to work?

    any info would be great.
  2. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    This has been brought up before and if I remember correctly, it will work. But I believe you will not have VVM. If I remember correctly, this works but an iPhone data plan won't work on the BB.
    Someone will correct me if I am wrong.
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  4. rojocrandall

    rojocrandall Member

    dturner is correct. After installing the sim, you can activate your iPhone with iTunes. BB data plan is not compatible with iPhone.
  5. jbw52

    jbw52 New Member

    I just added a line for my stepson and gave him my BB. At the same time I got a 3G for myself. Instead of swapping SIMs they kept the SIM in the BB and reprogrammed it for the new number and gave the SIM in the 3G my old number. So I am guessing that if that is the way they do it at the ATT store, then the BB SIM probably wold not work in the 3G. After all, it would have eliminated a step for the person setting up the account to just swap the SIM.
  6. rojocrandall

    rojocrandall Member

    Hi jbw52.
    Actually, by leaving the SIM in the BB, the ATT clerk saved a step.

    I have a 3G and my wife a 8310 Curve. To confirm, I swapped SIMs and
    had my daughter call both phones. My # rang on the BB, my wife's on the iPhone. So the SIMs are definitely interchangeable.
  7. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot

    AT&T does NOT switch your data plan without your consent.

    SIM cards from a BlackBerry will work just fine in an iPhone.
    iPhones that are running 3.0 and using a BB data plan won't have data access, but there is a way around this.
  8. gotendbz1

    gotendbz1 New Member

    any chance you can explain? will this incur any additional charges?
  9. lcomigizii

    lcomigizii New Member

    putting a non iphone sim card into a iphone

    OMG I am having troubles... I had a bb and now i have a iphone 4.0.1. i called and switched to my iphone, and even changed my data package to iphone so i should be all good to go right?? wrong. the phone and texting works but i can't use the internet. at&t said that i can't use the old sim card that i have to purchase a new one because u can't do it. I am really not computer smart and don't know if there is a way besides going and buying a new sim card for 25 $..

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