Can I use iPhone as iPod, without paying Verizon for service?

Sep 16, 2007
So my contract with Verizon isn't up until June and I can't afford to cancel the plan I have with them. I'm looking to buy a new iPod though. And now that the I see the iPhone is the same price as the iPod touch, I'm wondering if it would be it would make since to go ahead and buy the iPhone and use it as just an iPod or if that was even possible.

Also I wasn't sure if I would be able to connect with wifi on the iPhone without an AT&T plan like you can on the iPod Touch.

So if those who know more could help me make a decision it would be sweet.


Jul 1, 2007
8GB iPhone compared to 16GB iPod Touch? Ok ... fair comparison .. feature for feature.
But if you want your iPod to make phone calls...

Next iPhone will be at least 16GB. But then, it only takes minutes syncing to put a couple of new movies on the iPhone and get rid of the ones ypu've watched.


New Member
Sep 3, 2007
There is a couple of reasons to go with an iPhone over the ipod touch. If you plan on switching over to AT&T for service when your contract ends, you can just activate your iPhone and you are ready to go. You can "activate" your iPhone to allow you to use all of the features of the iPhone except the phone feature. This includes the wifi, safari, youtube, mail etc. Other reasons to go with the iPhone over the ipod touch is the extra applications that the iPhone has over the ipod touch and right now you can jailbreak the iPhone to add even more software. You also gain volume buttons on the phone, camera and so fourth. It is up to you to decide if those extra features are worth it for you. It is always nice to have a few extra features. :)

- Garrett