Can we shrink the file size of iPhone pictures?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by psyon, May 14, 2010.

  1. psyon

    psyon New Member

    i love the quality of the iPhone camera, however i noticed that my old first-gen iPhone took pictures that were around 300k in size, the new one takes pictures that are a megabyte!

    that's great and all, but for purposes of sending over MMS or email, it makes things a bit rougher. :)

    Is there a way to change the resolution the camera takes pictures at? There are plenty of occasions where i take a picture of something strictly for the intent of sharing it via MMS real quick - the 1 Mb files take too long over this AT&T network :sneaky:

    thanks! :)
  2. GSXRMike

    GSXRMike Member

    When you MMS or email, it automatically cuts the size down on it's own.

    There's a trick to email the FULL quality picture but it involves a couple steps. I'll type it out if you want but just rest assured that when you MMS or email, it IS reducing the size...
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  4. psyon

    psyon New Member

    for whatever reason my phone does not do this. i know because my friends told me to stop emailing them megabyte pictures, lol.

    can you type out how you do this? how about the camera itself? no way to just set it to a smaller size photo?

  5. GSXRMike

    GSXRMike Member

    OK...test this out to your own email address. The normal way people send a picture is like this:

    Open your Camera Roll > touch the picture you want to email > touch the bottom far left icon > click email photo > send photo.

    That will send the smaller version.

    To send the FULL size version, do this:

    Open your Camera Roll > click the bottom left button > select up to 16 pictures > touch COPY > click the Home Button > open your email > in the body of the email, double tap then click PASTE.

    Like I said, test it with yourself and look at the size differences...

    Let me know what the outcome is...
  6. psyon

    psyon New Member

    ahhhh, i see what you mean now! i was doing the copy/paste thing, i see it comes out 1 Mb. the instant mail shrinks it. rock on, thanks man! that will solve that problem for sure. :)

    but just to clarify, there is no way to change settings on the phone, right?
  7. GSXRMike

    GSXRMike Member way to change any settings. Glad I could help. :)
  8. psyon

    psyon New Member

    thanks man. how do i do the "thank you" thing on this forum for your post? :D

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