Can you listen to music in car?

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New Member
Jun 30, 2007
Hi. I don't have an iPhone yet but I listen to my ipod in my car with the cassette thing.......I am assuming you can do this with the iPhone because it has a spot for headphones. Is it able to play in the car? What if you receive a call while you are listening? Thanks for any info!
Jun 30, 2007
Yes, you can use an fm transmitter, but you will have to grind the hell out of the stereo jack to make it fit with a dremel. Thats what I did. And when theres an incoming call the music automatically stops but the callers voice doesn't go through the car speakers. You have to pick up the phone and answer it.

And what are you doing without an iPhone, OMG. You may be too late and have to wait 2 weeks for the next batch of shipment.
This is the best thing ever.