Can you save text messages?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by projectdarkside, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    Can you save text message's?:gasp:
    -I mean saving it to your computer, for say "proof" or whatever haha!
  2. phred26

    phred26 New Member

    I don't know if you can save a whole conversation, but you can take a screen shot of a section of the convo and then send it to your computer and save it there.

    You can take a screen shot by holding down the home button and pressing the power button or vice versa, it then saves the image in your photo album.
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  4. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot

    PDS- For the way you want it, it can't necessarily be saved and transfered, but it is saved when you back up your phone.
  5. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    cool thanks guys :laugh2:
    I would actually thank you but I their's no option... I guess this is the "mobile" version of EiC I've been hearing about ;)
  6. seanwes

    seanwes Zealot

    i use iTextUploader (available in Cydia)
  7. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    google mark-space. You can use that program to pull your sms's.
  8. seanwes

    seanwes Zealot

  9. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

  10. seanwes

    seanwes Zealot

    yeah sorry, i edited my last post. i found a description of the program.
  11. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    I used that and it just wouldnt work with my phone ya kno with the text being uploaded to system server:sick:
  12. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    did you look into the missing sync? That will work.
  13. seanwes

    seanwes Zealot

    hmm. worked for me?

    it may, but it's also $40. maybe some people really care that much, but i for one don't think it's worth $40 to save my text messages. that's all i'd use it for anyway.
  14. Bitewound

    Bitewound Evangelist

  15. longpigs

    longpigs New Member

    use LP to backup SMS and backup whole SMS.db to the computer. :p
  16. iphonejim

    iphonejim New Member

    I needed to save iPhone text messages for my job, and we used PhoneView. (You gotta have a Mac too.) It also let us save the iPhone voice mails to disk.

    PS: Link:

  17. michaeldull

    michaeldull New Member

  18. mirana

    mirana New Member

    Thanks Its a good one :)
  19. Gavin_KW

    Gavin_KW New Member

  20. rajchumberis

    rajchumberis New Member

    I'm trying to save the text messages from my brother-in-law's iPhone (who recently passed away 2 months ago-so we're finally trying to save as much as we can i.e. his iPhone, computer files etc), but he had enable the 'encrypt iPhone backup' feature on, and none of the apps you've all mentioned work as i need that password. can anyone help me please? please either reply or send an email to thanks
  21. rajchumberis

    rajchumberis New Member

    does the iPhone need to be jailbroken as this isn't. unless I'm looking at the wrong itools? could find a link nd post it? thanks.

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