Cannot activate iPhone after installing firmware 1.1.1, please help

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Sep 17, 2007
I got a message " your iPhone might be damaged and cannot be activated through iTune, please contact Apple Store" Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please Help!
Sep 17, 2007
Got it fixed now

here is how i fix this problem:

First, i gotta tell you that my iPhone was in a "lockdown "state (the IMEi 0049***) after upgrading to the firmware 1.1.1

the damn phone would not allow me to go only between the Activation Screen and the Emergency Call

let's get started:

1. downgrade the firmware to the 1.0.2 (I used method 2) Link
or you can use the ibrickr to help you downgrade it.

2. download and install the AppTapp Installer then use ibrickr to install the Dock app to give access the homescreen

3. now you can use Dock to access AppTapp and stuff on your homescreen.(from the bottom right corner of the Emergency call screen)

4. downgrade the baseband to the original

5. After you are done with the downgrading, you can go to this link to re-virginize your iPhone.

6. now my iPhone is unbricked and works like a charm.

*english is not my 1st langauge, so i hope u guys understand my instruction