"Cannot Connect to Apple Server" while trying to update iOS

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by flightmedic, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. flightmedic

    flightmedic Member

    I have jailbroken my iPhone 4 and am now trying to update to 4.0.1. It keeps saying that it "cannot connect to the apple server or it is unavailable" please try again later. I've made sure I'm on the latest iTunes and I have rebooted my system (64 bit Windows 7 Home Ultimate).

    Any other ideas?

    I've done some research and have checked the host file in c:/windows, made sure there are no proxy settings and I have good internet connection.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. xenonbluegtr

    xenonbluegtr New Member

    Try this: turn your iPhone off. Open iTunes. Before you plug in, press and hold the home button. Keep pressing as you plug in. Keep holding the home button down until iTunes recognizes it and offers to restore. It should then offer to update as well...
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  4. flightmedic

    flightmedic Member

    It offers the update just fine. But after it unpacks the update and tries to confirm the phone with the iTunes server it fails. The .ipsw is downloaded already. I just can't get iTunes to install.
  5. xenonbluegtr

    xenonbluegtr New Member

    What is the exact error given..?
  6. flightmedic

    flightmedic Member

    "The phone 'Jim's iPhone' cannot be updated at this time because the iPhone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

    BTW, I've saved SSH blobs via tiny unbrella if that affects anything.

  7. xenonbluegtr

    xenonbluegtr New Member

    Did you ever edit your host file for purposes of downgrading firmware via SHSH blobs stored with Cydia's servers?

    i.e. did you add this to the end of your host file:
    # gs.apple.com

    If so, then edit your host file again and remove that line of info shown above. You should be able to update and restore without the error. After you do, you can just add that line back into the host file for future downgrading purposes...


    [edit] added the # to make it more clear as stated below from @It'sMeDavid
  8. R0bdoggstge

    R0bdoggstge New Member

    You have to restore before you upgrade any jailbroken iphone. Then upgrade. Hope that helps buddy
  9. xenonbluegtr

    xenonbluegtr New Member

    Restore, upgrade, re-jailbreak (if need-be)
    Is that the route you've been taking @flightmedic? Or have you been trying to upgrade without a restore?

    ITS ME DAVID Evangelist

    I had same problem this solves it make sure u has a hash which is this # before the 74.xxx etc
  11. flightmedic

    flightmedic Member

    I did all the above and still getting that error.
  12. casssax

    casssax Member

    Long shot, but: Are you connecting over Wi-Fi? I've had trouble at work some times connecting over wi-fi and found that if I switched to 3G it connects with no problem.

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