Cannot Email Photos from Photo Application


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Aug 15, 2007
Hey guys, I'm going to steal and plagiarize "fred777's" post from modmyi and paste it here because they're not answering this mind boggling question. I hope this is goes:

So I just updated and rejailbroke my 2g iPhone - this time, I set it up as a new phone.

I read somewhere that its 'cleaner' to SSH your user/library folders out, update/jailbreak phone, then SSH the user/library folders back onto the phone.
Resulting in a restored phone with the cleanness and snappiness of an out of box phone.
So I did just that.

EDIT: Here is the thread I read this in: How to have a blazing fast jailbroken Phone

With a little tweaking I got everything working the way it should, except one thing; I cannot send picture emails.
(where you browse for a pic in the photo album and hit send email)

The email thing loads up fine. The pic appears in the email, I can type, pick a recipient, etc.

The problem comes when I hit send - The phone just freezes up and I have to wait a minute or so before I can do anything. Eventually it will go back to the photo album. However the email does not send.
The phone doesn't hard lock to the point where I need to restart it myself, just a software freeze.

I suspect this is due to a permission set wrong somewhere, but I cannot narrow it down.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I've personally tried changing the ownership of the DCIM folder to "mobile", I've changed the permissions recursively starting from DCIM to "755" and nothing works. When I hit send, it freezes for a bit, then jumps right back to the original picture. I did a test where if I deleted the picture from the email and just sent plain ol' text, IT WORKS! So I KNOW it has something to do with the pictures I re-uploaded back into the phone....*sigh*

Thanks guys for any help!
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Aug 31, 2008
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While I don't have an answer for you, I am going to assume that you have a 3Gs and that you've JB'd your new fone. If the latter is true, you might have a better chance at getting your question answered in the forum. [Caveat, I am NOT advocating reposting this question nor cross-referencing it as that's the moderator's decision. Perhaps, if you did indeed JB your fone, they'll read this move this to the iphone-modifications forum for you]
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