Can't connect to iTunes ... again

Apr 8, 2008
Hey guys

I have a pretty old (about 5 or 6 years) PC that worked well with everything I gave it so far.
But now, it just won't accept my iPhone 1.1.4 (I'm swiss, I have a US iPhone that's been hacked and everything by a friend).
My g/f has bought her iPhone at the same place and it has been hacked by the same person via ZiPhone (latest version), all worked well.
She has a newer PC, about 1 year old, it's a Dell with Win XP. I use Win XP Pro too.
I have 6 USB ports in total, of which two are USB2.0, I guess.
I tried every port, I tried rebooting the iPhone while connected, while NOT connected; I tried reinstalling iTunes ... when I connect it to my g/f's PC, it's being recognized well, no problems at all. Win XP usually thinks it's a Digital Camera, but after selecting "cancel" at the "What steps to take with this device" prompt, the phone pops up in iTunes.
WinXP asks me the same but leaves the iPhone be a Digital Camera. No detection within iTunes. Device Manager places it under Digital Cameras (with its correct name, Apple iPhone), no driver or any other conflicts. The Apple Mobile Devices Service (or what it's called) is running perfectly.

What can I do? I really love the iPhone, but it's not really of any value to me if I can't even sync it with iTunes.

Please help!



Sep 7, 2007
McPherson, KS
Also, I know this sounds crazy, but try disabling the power save on the port you are trying to use. I use to have some serious problems with first gen iPods with this. It might help.