Can't find converting software that works


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Sep 15, 2007
I understand that this topic has been mentioned and discussed countless times and trust me that ive read most of if not all the threads on here based on video converting software for the iPhone and have tried countless pieces of software

but nothing seems to work well!

btw, im running windows xp

ive tried it, the free file converter thats quite an amazing tool but besides consuming so much energy from my computer while its running my only other problem is that for some reason the couple files ive converted, its cropped some of the screen out so its somewhat offcenter

2. Easy Video to MP4 Converter
i used to use this program for the videos i used to put on my ipod video and it worked gr8 but it doesn't have the 320 by 480 option for my iPhone.

3. Videora iPhone Video Converter
i thought this one was working alright but turns out that every video it converts the first few minutes come out discolored if not in the black and white greyscale

Ive even tried Handbrake for Windows since theyve ported it but besides it not working right, my goal isn't really to go DVD to MP4 but say AVI to MP4..

Yes i used other users recommended settings for each of the programs and i don't think im being too picky, they all seem to have legitimate turn offs

Also, will my 700-800 mb AVI's ever compress during the process or are they always going to result in 1 gig plus files that comsumes 25% or more of my little 4 gig iPhone.

Finally decided to ask about this because i had previously given up on videos on the iPhone but realized that i shouldnt of.

Any help is definitely appreciated!


Use ''any video converter''. İ use it and its great. A movie of 700megs becomes 400 megs after converting. İt takes about 45 minutes but very usefull. During this 45 min of converting the movie, it creates some movie files which are in total like 2 gigs. But don't worry when it finishes cleans up the files and makes the movie like half size. You can find it from Tell me if u like it.