Can't get my January Update back?


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Jun 7, 2008
Macon, GA
I got a 3G today and I'm selling my Touch to my sister. I restored it to get all my stuff off, but I'd like to give it to her with at least the January update on it. It's giving me some type of error message when it tries to sync. It says...

iTunes could not install the iPod touch Software Updgrade on the iPod Touch because an unknown error occurred [-4].

ANyone know of anything I could do to get this to work right?
Jul 28, 2008
Hi! I Just Called Apple For The Same Problem! It Seems That The Problem Is Caused By A Glitch In iTunes 7.7. So The 3 Solitions Of Getting It Back On Are To Either Downgrade Your iTunes To 7.6 Or Get The 2.0 Software Or You Can Wait Until iTunes 7.8 To Cone Out, Because They Said They Were Working On Getting The Glitch Sorted Out.

Hope This Helped, Spencer.