Can't get my .webloc files to open in a browser other than my default browser in OS X Yosemite


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
I would like to open all my .webloc (OS X website location) files using the Google Chrome browser, even though I want to keep Safari as my default browser. Setting all files with a given extension to open with a specific application is something I've done before and I've never had an issue with—until now.

I have clicked on several of those .webloc files, I have set "Open with" to Google Chrome, and then I clicked on Change All… and then clicked on Continue when this window appeared:
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.29.16 PM.png

If I click on any of those .webloc files and Get Info, they all show Open With Google Chrome, like this, which means they should open with Chrome and not with Safari.

Everything appears to be in order, yet when I double-click on any of my .webloc files, the website opens up in a new tab in Safari.

Any ideas why it refuses to work correctly?

PS: If I right-click on a .webloc file, Chrome even shows up on the top of the list of applications that are ready to open it—further evidence that I've done everything correctly! At this point, I could click on Chrome and the website does open in Chrome, but the point of having set up all files with extension .webloc to open in Chrome is that I should be able to double-click on them and Chrome should automatically launch and open the website so that I don't have to go through the right-click, highlight Chrome, left-click procedure: