Can't restore, Please help.

Brian May

New Member
Sep 19, 2012
I just bought a CDMA iPhone 4 (Verizon) off Craigslist, and the guy told me the battery was misfunctioning, so I ordered a new one. I connected it via USB to my PC, it kept showing the Apple logo and no booting to the splash screen. So I tried to restore it in recovery mode and DFU mode. It won't go all the way through, but now it's showing the Connect to iTunes page with the USB pointing to iTunes logo. But when I try to restore it I keep getting an error message. I first got error 2001 now i'm getting error 21. So I went to my school, and got on the new iMacs and tried to restore and got another error code. I don't know if the phone was jailbroken and neither did the seller, as he got it from a friend. I paid 140 and would like to use the phone, PLEASE HELP.


Aug 1, 2012
Do you have the latest version of iTunes? Have you tried using another USB cable? Have you tried using another USB port on your computer?