Can't send email from account

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pepperco, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. pepperco

    pepperco New Member


    What a cool little gizmo we have !

    only one thing...I can't seem to SEND emails from
    my account. The mailboxes imported
    just fine, and I can recieve email, but no sending.

    I get the error message....
    the sender address
    was rejected by the server.

    How do I fix this ?

    THANKS !
  2. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    most of the time I can't send email either earlier today it worked fine but now nothing
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  4. hoop

    hoop New Member

    dude i have comcast too and all u need to do is call customer support and they have ppl there that will help, they help me setup my WiFi so now it work on my router )
  5. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    sorry but it is not the wifi that is messing it up it clearly has something to do with att
  6. DD0

    DD0 New Member

    Comcast does something lame, like not let you use their outgoing server for mail programs. I remember talking to them about something when I set up my mac mail and they wouldn't help. I use gmail though so I just ended up using theirs. Hopefully they've changed their terrible stance on that by now.
  7. slipperypete

    slipperypete New Member

    I had the same error message with my roadunner accounts yesterday for most of the day. Than, it just started working. Not sure why or how
  8. deac

    deac Member

    I have never been able to send emails with Road Runner webmail on my iBook. I asked them about it one time and got some kind of techie answer I can't explain but that basically it was not possible -- something about the ip you are on with the WiFi not being recognized or something so like above I ahve to use gmail to send from the road.

    Was expecting the same with the iPhone IF IF IF IF I ever get activated........ 35 hrs and counting
  9. slipperypete

    slipperypete New Member

    I am not using webmail. The settings for my roadrunner e-mails were automaticaly added to my phone when I sync'ed for the time. With the exception of about 3 hours yesterday, I have been able to send a receive messages without a hitch
  10. deac

    deac Member

    that's geat to hear, pete. Look forward to it working. I of course wasn't talking about the iPhone since they have not awarded me the prized Activation status yet.......
  11. slipperypete

    slipperypete New Member

    hopefully you'll be activated soon. Once you are, you will not be dissapointed.
  12. I just tried it. The first time, the "send" progress bar wouldn't budge, but a second try worked perfectly. However, the Hotmail account I sent the test message to received two copies.
  13. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    my two fixes are to either send them via safari or create a new email address both of which work sorry it can't help out your current situation though
  14. captain4004

    captain4004 New Member

    I use Comcast too and yeah I think they do some sneaky stuff with their e-mail server, I was having this problem but is working fine for now.
  15. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    Thanks for all of the input....

    After messing with this email for a while I can only
    refer to it as "intermittent" or "iffy".

    I had a test email in my comcast outbox that would not send
    yesterday, when I woke up this morning it was still in my outbox.
    Then, inexplicably it sent at some point this morning. So I tried
    to send several emails on my iPhone using my comcast account.
    I few of them actually sent, but most of them just disappeared
    into never-never-land....darnit. They don't appear in my outbox
    or in my sent messages.

    Not good....I really use theses 3 comcast accounts a lot.
  16. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    And now......out of the blue......I am sending email like a bandit !

    Works perfectly, after I hit send, I get the swooosh, jet take off.

    Quite an amazing age, where these situation magically resolve.

    I did not do ANYTHING different.

    Kind of scary actually.....:mad:
  17. mkenna

    mkenna New Member

    comcast email

    can anyone tell me the pop and smtp of comcastso i can try my email on the iPhone
  19. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    Is it against the law to quote myself ?

    Forget everything I said above, today
    my comcast emails won't send, what a drag.
  20. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    Mine is working now..

    Here is what I know, don't take this as gospel
    because I'm no expert.....

    Apparently when iPhone imported my comcast mailboxes
    it did not auto populate the proper OUTGOING mail servers,

    I had to go in and manually add the host name

    And add the user name....which is the complete
    email address for the main mailbox account,
    I had to add that main email for all 3 of my
    comcast mailboxes

    Also add the password

    Its working now and has been for 2 days.
  21. 76bronco

    76bronco New Member

    adding the password and user name (full email) to the outgoing server settings fixed the issues...problem solved. Thanks.

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