Can't send text messages to T-Mobile phones

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jasonm, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. jasonm

    jasonm New Member

    My friend just bought an iphone and he is unable to send text messages to t-mobile phones. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    I read this somewhere else concerning out of network texts, give it a shot:

    "1.) Reset the phone- press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button until the phone shuts off and the Apple icon reappears (do not let go until you see the Apple logo).

    2.) Also, try going into settings>general>rest and select "reset network settings."
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  4. jasonm

    jasonm New Member

    I made a mistake... He is unable to receive text messages from t-mobile phones. He can send to them just fine.

    I tried the above solutions however it did not work.

    My iphone has no problems sending/recieving to the same t-mobile number.
  5. 420greg

    420greg New Member

    If it is a newly activated iphone (new # or ported) it will take a couple days for the number and it's service carrier to reach all the cell phone traffic servers. If it is still not working after 3 or 4 days, then I would call at&t.
  6. Redfor

    Redfor New Member

    You and your friend may have to contact both carriers, but it is most likely on side of whom ever ported thier number. Cellular carriers love to forget to update thier routing tables for SMS/MMS, not to mention sometimes you run into the problem that the old carrier didnt de-activate the number in thier switch.... fun fun fun.. good luck!
  7. joffner1208

    joffner1208 New Member

    I know exactly what your talking about but i believe t-mobile servers were being dumb the past few days. Because i was text 3 of my friends who have the sidekick yesterday and they werent receiving any of my messages yesterday but i was receiving theirs. so i called my one friend and he said he wasnt getting anyones messages so i dont think it has anything to do with cingular/at&t bc i text these friends everyday and i never had a problem befor with it...
  8. ehspimp61

    ehspimp61 New Member

    Cant recieve messages

    I know what u r talking about I just activated my iPhone 2 days ago and i seem to be having the same problem. I called AT&T a bunch of times and they said they reseted my messaging service. But still no luck I even went to the apple store and told me to restore my phone which I did but that didn't work either. The wierd thing is that I can recieve textes only from AT&T custumers. I'm going to wait till wednesday and if it still doesn't work i'm returning the iPhone. tell your friend to text the word test to the number 151 from his iPhone he'll get a message from AT&T saying your message service is working but that might not work because it didn't work for me. Let me know if he gets his iPhone working because it sucks not being able to text.
  9. Redfor

    Redfor New Member

    By the way Ehspimp.. You're replaying to a message that was posted like a year ago.. lol.. Anyways, I seriously doubt that the problem is on AT&T's side. Most likely on T-Mobiles side. If you have a ported number, that may also be the cause of it... Who ever you ported your number from may have not sent out thier updates to the other carriers. But Best bet is to have your friend that has the T-mobile phone report it and he is going to have to stay on them.. And just a ummm word of advice.. It's not the phone having the problem, It has to do with your phone number. I bet if you get a new phone number it will work fine ( If thats a option for you ).

    Best of luck on it, and hope the info helped a little.

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