Can't sign in to iCloud?

Oct 19, 2011
I'm having trouble logging into my icloud account. I type my Apple id and password on the settings page of my ipad2 & iPhone. They boh say that i need to confirm from my email. I look at my mail and no confirmaion email? How the hell am i going to do this? Please help :(
Oct 19, 2011
It also shows an error about the icloud pictures folder? It says that it ca't connect to the pictures in the icloud folder? Yet i didn't even sign in yet? Wtf?


Sep 10, 2007
sounds like people are having problems with certain email addresses not working right. there are a few suggestions here that might help you out.

You can try to login to AppleID site and edit your conflicted email address changing it with other one of yours, then try to verify that new email address, it worked with me.

go to:
A little trick I tried with gmail that worked was to use a pseudo address. Gmail lets you add "+anything" to your email address so I updated my Apple I'd to Gmail will still direct the email to and Apple thought it was a new address and promptly sent the verification email that I wasn't getting with just

Thank you all for the comments and for the various ideas on how to solve it. Based on your suggestions I solved this out for me - and here is how:

I had a AppleID in use under my Gmail-address, both as login name and as primary email address. And never got a confirmation for the Gmail-address. And I figured out that I already used the same email for another AppleID, whe I used the Gmail-Address as the primary one BUT a custom user name for login. It seems like the sign-up process with AppleID allows to register with a email address already used, as long as you have a custom user name tied to the other existing account. The inout it validated against the username only, not against the existence of the email address in the entire database.

So how did I solved this? I replaced the Gmail-address in my primary account to a spare email address - and got a confirmation instantly. Then I used the to validate if I already have an account and found out that I have the one with the custom user name. I then also replaced the Gmail-address with a spare one and updated the account. Then I changed the email and the original account again - tata! - it worked, I got an instant confirmation. Seem like this process removed the non-working email completely from the DB. Now I can use my original login (and Gmail-address) for all Apple stuff.


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