Can't Update mobilemusicplayer icon


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Dec 7, 2007
*edit* I just solved it. For 1.1.2, the icon for ipod is Icon-MediaPlayer.png Feel free to delete this thread, sorry.. I just needed another 10 minutes of playing around and I found it.

Hi, just today I discovered how easy it really is to skin the iPhone. I have it jailbroken in 1.1.2 with insaller app and ssh. I've been using DropCopy to transfer apps to my mac, and back to my phone and it's been beautifully simple.

My problem is this. I've changed the phone, mail, and safari icons. The ipod icon refuses to change. I've change the correct icon file, icon.png in but it won't hold. I can force it to change by turning on theme icons with summerboard.

Did 1.1.2 change the location of the ipod icon?