Car Chargers Bad for iPhone??

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by tylercr16, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. tylercr16

    tylercr16 New Member

    My girlfriends mom, while buying her iPhone asked the AT&T salesperson if she needed to buy a car charger because of bad battery life. And the salesperson replied, no neither apple or us sale iPhone chargers because the iPhone itself is a mini computer, and needs to be powered by a greater source of electricity. You wouldn't want to charge a laptop in the car, neither should you with an iPhone.

    Is this true, or just a bunch of BS?
  2. fury

    fury Evangelist

    My car can charge a laptop and an the same time. You just gotta make sure to get a decent charger, not some brandless thing that has a USB port on it and some strange markings. Get one that is either "Made for iPod", "Works with iPhone", or rated for 1a at 5v, or hook a power inverter to your outlet and hook up your wall charger to it. Kinda bass ackwards way to do it (since it's taking 12v, turning it to 120v, then the wall adapter is taking it back down to 5v), but there are in fact a variety of safe ways to charge it up in a car.
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  4. tylercr16

    tylercr16 New Member

    any preferences?
  5. crystus

    crystus Member

    When I worked for an AT&T agent we sold two types of chargers; regular and smart chargers. I preferred the smart charger as there were often issues with the regular charger overcharging the phone and burning out the battery quicker. The smart chargers know when to shut off. The other thing that I would recommend is the smart charger as well as going with OEM. OEM products are often more durable than the generics. At least with the products that we sold this was the case.
  6. fury

    fury Evangelist

    The iPhone is its own smart charger. Give it an ample source of power, and it will draw whatever it needs.

    I use a 300w power inverter from Jensen that I got on Woot a long time ago, hooking up wall chargers for anything I need. It has two outlets, so I can hook up my iPhone and ... something else. Which is pretty funny, now that I sold my last notebook, I don't really have a need for a second outlet.
  7. impaler

    impaler Member

    It's a bunch of crap! Whether it's drawing DC or AC power, it is designed to be used for that device, at 1amp.
  8. tylercr16

    tylercr16 New Member

    alright, well thanks everybody.
  9. djwindsor

    djwindsor Contributor

    How do they explain how a USB port that has 500Milliamps can charge the phone (albeit slower)? I love well informed sales people!!
  10. bigdave

    bigdave New Member

    You should check out the new Parrot car kit music range. The MKI 9000, MKI 9100 and 9200.
    Not only do they give you a realy good bluetooth car kit experiance they come with 3 music leads - a 45mm jack plug, USB and wait for it... the apple plug that will not only alow you to play your i-pod through your vehicle speakers but will also charge your phone at the same time. the MKI 9200 has a coloured screen and shows your album art work. This range of car kits also is not only voice activated but also has a remote control button allowing you to scroll through your favorite music.
  11. argeleri

    argeleri New Member

    Check out the Griffin PowerDuo, just picked it up for my iphone 3gs and it works like a charm. Plus it also gives you an extra outlet charger so you can use it as an extra charger at home, work, or when you travel.
  12. crystus

    crystus Member

    All I know is what I saw when I was selling. Customers who used solely a car charger often had to have their battery replaced within the first year. If I was still working there I would post the sales data. Then again it could be attributed to the fact that the car chargers we sold we bought for $1.85 in bulk.
  13. Wtf0ver

    Wtf0ver New Member

    yeah i was gonna buy a car charger after i found out my old DLO car charger for my V1 didnt work with my 3gs, but since i have a power inverter i just use that with my wall charger and it works great. no need to spend money on a car charger.
  14. Santa

    Santa Evangelist

    Well, I bought a Belkin... figured a brand name was better than not. It seems to work OK and knows that the phone is charged.

    But I still don't plug it in until the car is started, and unplug the phone before I turn off the car... just in case starting or stopping the car causes a voltage spike.

    So far, so good.

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