Car Kit...TomTom vs Magellan?


Aug 25, 2009
I've been waiting for the Magellan car kit to come out and will probably go for it. Just wanted to hear first from anyone that has the TomTom and make sure I'm making the right choice. I've searched older threads and know that many here don't like these due to the cost. I just think having everything all in one is worth it...sorry if you disagree on that point.


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Jul 12, 2008
i have TomTom and am reading a lot about Megellan's car kit ... here are a few considerations (focusing on the positives of each from my perspective) ...

1. louder speaker for nav voice and speaker phone
2. one hand mount/dismount (no moving arm)
3. free app to confirm satellite fix (shows satellite bars) and firmware versions
3. $10 less

1. works with both iPhone / Touch
2. allows for skins/cases
3. firmer landscape notches to hold steady (although i haven't had any problems w/ TT's mount in landscape - many have)
4. connets w/ bluetooth speaker when off the mount

there's one thing i'm trying to get to the bottom of ... it's my understanding that Magellan car kit sends only music through the Aux Out plug ... and that the phone audio still comes through the mount speaker. in fact, there is music that continues to come out of mount speaker when you plug Aux Out into car stereo - you get an extra speaker?!?! And while i personally haven't confirmed, i believe TomTom pumps both music and phone audio through car speaks when using Aux Out. If you plan to use Aux Out, this might be important to you.

the only other thing i'll mention is that when comparing the "accuracy" of iPhone GPS w/ the TomTom car kit 'enhanced GPS' ... i'm finding that the improvement in fix is about 2 meters ... it moves from 17m accurate from iPhone to 15m accurate when in mount ... not much difference. That said, there may be some improvement in maintaining the fix, but w/ my 3GS, i don't seem to loose fix much either way. I guess the point i'm making is that if you're doing this just for the 'enhanced GPS', it's not much of an improvement in 'accuracy'.

i received the TT as a gift and like it for the integration of all the features; charging cradle, amplified speaker, speaker phone, and "enhanced" GPS ...

good luck!